Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sweet and Youthful Designs of Tamara Kaye-Honey * View * Edit

Tamara Kaye-Honey might be young, but her talent is so apparent from the start of her fabulous firm House of Honey that it's obvious she'll be famous and creating gorgeous homes for some time to come. It's also apparent that she's got a bit of a leg up when compared to other older, more traditional designers: she's got a quick-witted, youthful streak in her designs, which sets her apart from the rest and makes her work irresistible.

Tamara's style is one which is very popular for homes right now: a sort of new versus old, traditional versus modern eclectic mix that combines a lot of different elements throughout the years to create dizzying yet logical rooms that speak to the uniqueness and personality of each client.

Color definitely plays a huge part in all of Tamara's spaces. It's as if she uses color to introduce you to a room, grabbing your eyes and your senses to make an immediately impact, then seducing you further with her use of patternsometimes bold,sometimes simpleand texture. 

Though she certainly uses a prolific mix of beautiful vintage pieces, mainly from the Mid-Century Modern era, her rooms are also very modern, but not necessarily because of the furnishings. She takes a very modern approach to the layout of her spaces, both incorporating unique furniture layouts and also a very sparse idea of accessories and art. 

You can also tell she's a pretty big fan of fabric and upholstery, using new and vintage patterns on furniture pieces like couches, chairs, ottomans and more, but also incorporating them in other important spots like window treatments to maximize their affect. 

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