Monday, February 7, 2011

The Bold and Colorful Designs of John Loeke!

We always know we're in for a good time when an interior designer's online portfolio is split up by projects named by a cool style. That means that this designer knows how to listen to a client, decorate over a range of tastes and knows how to have fun! Today's feature contemporary designer: John Loecke.

We first stumbled across John Loecke's name on an Apartment Therapy post about some of the top interior designers and color experts to watch for 2011. We couldn't agree more that John deserves to be on such a list. It takes only the most cursory glance of his work to see he's a master at color and pattern, and this infuses his spaces with energy and interest.

But back to those style names on his website: we see classic colonial, beach cottage, city sophistication, coastal living, brownstone bravura, crazy for color! and more interestingly descriptive names. Each click brings you into a world of sophisticated interiors that make you drool!

His classic colonial is just that and more. Sure it's within the trappings of a "traditional" style, but the way he reinterprets it for modern times is inspirational and unique. You might expect a beach cottage to be swimming in blues (like most of them are), but this one is bold, bright, peach and pink. 

His city sophistication project is surprisingly complex, layering colors, patterns, styles and looks to come up with the sort of home you imagine someone very interesting and very eccentric lives in. His crazy for color! project is in fact filled to the brim with colors in palettes not for the faint of heart, but also balanced with a lot of femininity and refinement. 

His spaces aren't minimal or really all that "sleek," but they sure as heck are colorful, bold and just the thing to look at if you're wondering how to put a little excitement into your own home.

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