Monday, February 28, 2011

The Classic and Detailed Designs of Ernest de la Torre

We first spotted Ernest De La Torre's name on that fabulous website resource, 1stdibs. We didn't know what kind of designer he was, but you could just tell with a name like that he was probably right. Perusing his online portfolio, it's clear our baseless assumption was spot on!

Ernest's work is immediately recognized as a kind of breed of restrained, classical, masculine beauty. If you're looking for over the top, too bold, garish or dramatic spaces, you won't find them here. That's not to imply that these are boring spaces; that couldn't be farther from the truth. It's just that Ernest's work's beauty comes from exquisite materials, high-quality element decisions and subtle but effective details.

The projects he works on are pretty huge, and they serve as perfect laboratories for his unique brand of understated elegance. He mixes styles fluently, but does tend to lean toward more traditional styles, if only because of the clientele he serves. We do spot a lot of really neat modern details that are unexpected and a sign of his youth and talent. One ceiling in particular is like a modern take on a coffered, vaulted ceiling, only with a really fresh, random geometric pattern.

Like we said, he doesn't use bold colors or patterns as a gimmick in spaces, preferring instead to rely on sweet details to carry spaces into the realm of awesome. As lamp lovers, we can't help but notice all the details of his sconces and lampshades! We suggest paying extra attention to that spot on his website if you love lighting as much as we do.

We just adore these spaces, and know you'll get a lot of inspiration looking through his online portfolio! Love what you see in this post but want more? Like fun perfect pairs, designer influence profiles and profiles of contemporary designers? Thank goodness for you we've got a Facebook page and tweet a lot; you can keep up with everything Swank Lighting does. 
Images: 1stdibs,, Decorati

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