Monday, February 21, 2011

The Colorful and Fun Designs of Vanessa de Vargas

We feel a little embarrassed we haven't featured the brilliant design mind behind the firm Turquoise, Vanessa de Vargas, as a featured designer before on the Swank Lighting blog. We've mentioned her great blog in a post before, but she's more than just fun-to-look-at ones and zeroes on a blog; she's an amazing interior designer whose work is inspiring to anyone looking to infuse their space with personality.

Over two years ago we wrote this about Vanessa's amazing interior design work: "Our favorite element of de Vargas' work is her great use of color, pattern and detail. Her work is fun, sometimes feminine and frankly, flirty. She's not afraid of any of these elements, and uses them all to enhance spaces, not overwhelm them. Flipping through her online portfolio you will see an inspiring array of color palettes with which to inspire your own home makeovers."

Not only does all of that still ring true, but in two years, she's done nothing but infuse her spaces with even more talent, life, sophistication and color. The best things about her spaces is that even though these are "grown-up" rooms with real furniture and wall coverings, she makes sure these homeowners remember to have fun in their houses! All of her spaces always have a lot of fun, wit and cleverness sprinkled throughout.

We just really admire her ability to mix and match styles and elements to create one-of-a-kind spaces. It's not easy combining styles in way that doesn't seem contrived or too busy, but she does it beautifully, and every time, too!

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