Monday, February 14, 2011

The Lovely and Colorful Designs of Angie Hranowsky!

As interior design writers, we must learn to appreciate a number of different design techniques and styles, even if said style isn't exactly in our own tastes. That's what makes coming across a designer who mirrors your tastes perfectly all the more sweet. We're delighting in today's contemporary designer profile: Angie Hranowsky.

It's quite perfect that today is Valentine's Day, because we are totally in love with all of Angie's spaces. What makes them so lovely? Let us count the ways...Firstly she has a keen eye for color palettes that are uplifting, relaxing and feminine. Not so feminine a male wouldn't want to live in these rooms, but definitely feminine in how lovely and sweet they are.

She's also definitely got great skills when it comes to interest in a space; she combines a number of different techniques together to create incredibly layered and sophisticated spaces, such as boldly painted walls, wallpaper, graphics, lots of textures, patterns and full spaces.

She doesn't shy away from furniture, that's for sure. Her rooms are pretty packed full of all different types of furniture pieces, as well as accessories and window coverings and more. The rooms don't feel cluttered, but they surely give off a full, lived-in feeling. 

And of course, you know we would notice someone who's masterful at choosing lighting, and Angie certainly fits that bill. She uses tall lamps, bold lights and big pendent lights all brilliantly and to their fullest to create well-lit and fun spaces. 

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