Friday, February 18, 2011

The Natural and Textural Designs of John Jacob

John Jacob's interiors are not for the faint at heart, and they aren't for anyone who might have pre-conceived notions of what a designer's portfolio from Cape Town, South Africa might look like. John has us gasping with delight and surprise with the interiors he's been creating down in Africa, and we think you'll find loads of inspiration.

The first thing we notice about his interiors is how rich, sophisticated and classy they are. They are fully decorated, richly accessorized, full of classical furnishings that are of a specific time period and style and they are just lush and thick and full and exciting and wonderful.

No decorating stone is left unturned in these interiors. They're not cluttered, but they are full to the brim with furniture pieces, window treatments, tabletop accessories, wall art, sculptures, plants and everything else that goes into a full, gorgeously-decorated interior. 

Another wonderful thing about his interior design work is how connected to nature and African culture his interiors are, and very non-pretentiously. African motifs, patterns, textiles and textures are brought in to mingle with other traditional styles to create unique, personality-filled rooms that must match their owners' personalities to a "T." 

Another fun thing about John Jacob is actually his website. Not only is it full of truly inspiring photos that could give you plenty of ideas for your own interior design adventures, but he's taken the time to describe in detail his ideas, themes, concepts, thoughts and processes of each interior project. That sort of dedication to explaining his process can really add to the overall inspiration you receive from a designer. 

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