Friday, February 11, 2011

The Soft and Lovely Designs of Cozette Coffman

Man we really love the simple, soft and lovely designs of Cozette Coffman. Maybe it's because she herself is so young, but her spaces are full of youthful vigor, sophisticated splendor and a subtle, quiet kind of style that doesn't ever feel stuffy.

Now, it's true she's on the younger side of life, but she's still got plenty of experience in the field of interior design. As taken from her "about" page: "Cozette Coffman Design, the namesake boutique design firm launched in 2008, has been a decade or, arguably, a lifetime in the making. Since obtaining her interior design degree from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 1999, Cozette Coffman has perfected and honed her craft at two Los Angeles-based design firms. Both experiences left an indelible mark, giving her a strong background in custom kitchens, bespoke bedding and window treatments, as well as custom-designed and locally manufactured furniture."

You can certainly tell it is from this vast body of experience that she draws from in creating her interiors, which boast calming color palettes, fun patterns and textures and a masterful execution of furnishing choices and furniture layouts.

We particularly like her use of grays, deep navy blues, neutrals and whites. These colors combine to really highlight architectural details or create just really grown-up feeling spaces-but with still a lot of feeling of fun.

As mentioned, we really love her attention to details. These rooms aren't too full of furniture or accessories, and as such, she must maximize the visual impact another way-with choosing items with rich textures, or placing beautiful graphics on walls or just choosing items that really mean something and add to a space. She knows how to make the most out of every item in a space.

A quote from Cozette: "My client's lifestyle really guides the design process. I love to discover a unique angle for each project and tap into what the client will likely appreciate, whether that's selecting fabulously modern stainless steel door knobs, organic bedding and vintage pillow trimmings, or using a favorite nail-polish color as inspiration for a color palette. I feel strongly that each one of my clients has a color personality that I've been able to reflect and incorporate into their d├ęcor; it's my innate sense of this that ultimately makes them shine in their space"

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