Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sophisticated and Playful Interiors of Ruthie Sommers!

Ruthie Chapman Sommers has that kind of name that just makes you know she's going to be a good designer. Regal, austere and from the South, Ruthie does more than just lives up to her name, she surpasses it and brings into the 21st Century with charm and playfulness.


Ruthie's interiors, which she did for a very long time with a partner under the firm name Chapman Radcliff Home, are definitely grown-up, but the kind of grown-up who knows how to get down and dirty and play with kids when need be. Her spaces are sophisticated, but they have not lost their imaginative quality. Her spaces are inspiring, but they are also playful, fun and witty.

Ruthie's rooms are equal parts invigorating and calming. In some rooms, soft, natural textiles bathe surfaces like floors (showcasing natural fiber rugs), furnishings (with soft and sumptuous upholstery) and window treatments. Her ability to mix and match neutral color palettes is expert; creating rooms that aren't boring at all even though they don't have bold colors. 

Not to say she doesn't have an affinity toward bold colors, as she's great at incorporating those as well. She mixes her dramatic elements like busy patterns and bright colors in a way that doesn't make you feel overwhelmed, but as mentioned above, invigorated and inspired. Believe us, anyone who can take a room with lots of molding, paint it glossy red and still some how pull it all off is someone not afraid to take chances and way good at design. 

Like the most popular designers of today, Ruthie doesn't stick to any one style or era when she designs. From the South, she has a great respect and knowledge of more traditional and antique styles, but she also mixes that love with contemporary and transitional furnishings to create highly unique spaces. 

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