Friday, February 25, 2011

The Young and Bold Designs of Kyle Schuneman

It's pretty close-minded of us to say that today's featured contemporary interior designer doesn't quite look like someone who would create the sort of interiors that take our breath away, but it's true! Kyle Schuneman's youth, boyish good looks and casual demeanor seem to be more fitting for a young guy just getting out of a school, rather than one of the top interior designers to emerge in recent years.

Kyle's only 25, but man does he have an eye for amazing details, creating interiors that are at once spectacular and accessible. Comfortable, sophisticated, colorful and bold: his interiors make a statement, and that statement is "we are awesome."

We think we're most stunned by his use of color and pattern in such a fresh, modern and gender neutral way. Mixing bold wallpapers with wild rugs and complementing them both with furnishings that tie it all together. He's got a knack for throwing in textures that somehow steal the show and offset all the rest of the accessories to create the perfect balance.

His rooms aren't the least bit stuffy, but they're not so trendy and young that you don't know how to sit in a piece of furniture. We also love how his spaces have a very strong feminine feel to them-a lot of softness and loveliness-but they are definitely masculine in the details, as well.

We just adore these spaces, and know you'll get a lot of inspiration looking through his online portfolio! Love what you see in this post but want more? Like fun perfect pairs, designer influence profiles and profiles of contemporary designers? Thank goodness for you we've got a Facebook page and tweet a lot; you can keep up with everything Swank Lighting does. 

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