Friday, March 18, 2011

The Bold and Brash Designs of Kara Mann!

Though we enjoy a range of styles and tastes with our Contemporary Designer profiles here on the Swank Lighting blog, as it hints in our name, we do enjoy those interiors that exhibit high levels of swank the most. Kara Mann sure is fulfilling our swank needs today!

Fabulously sumptuous. Daringly dramatic. Full-bodied. Grown-up. These are all words that quite aptly describe the work of Chicago designer Kara Mann. And though we usually reserve discussing designers' backgrounds until the end of each post, we have to say, hers plays a huge part in the aesthetics of her interiors. 

Coming from a fashion and art background, you can see how this experience shapes her projects. She's bold and brash with colors. The art she uses is far out and unique. She smashes together styles to create entirely new styles that suit each client to a "T."

We spot a real keen talent for textiles in these spaces. Patterns, textures and materials are all mixed and matched deftly, or, kept so uniform that clean and crisp reign supreme. This is no doubt due to her fabulous fashion background. 

Kara's received tons of accolades, awards and notice from the design world, and with reason. Checking out any of her fabulous photographs from her portfolio you can see why. See more for yourself here

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