Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Graphic and Bold Interiors of Graham Moss!

You know how much we love interior designers who can create interiors that pop and excite and transform us into piles of design-loving goo. You might as well call Graham Moss an interior design super hero; he sure has the power when it comes to designing sweet spaces.

There are some overwhelming traits that make us love Graham's work a lot. One is the graphic nature his spaces have. Graphic in that color pop, patterns pull you in and graphics are paramount. He uses art, upholstery, textiles and wall paint to grab your attention and set the tone of the space.  

Another trait is his spaces are extraordinarily crisp and clean. He doesn't overly clutter his spaces, and what's in each space counts for a lot. He really examines how each pairing of design elements will go to counting towards the entire look of the room and really excels at creating those show-stopping vignettes and heart-wrenching overall rooms. 

He's also got one wicked handle on those two color/non-colors: black and white. Sometimes used together or separately, black is used to define edges and add drama in his spaces, and so is white! We love seeing big, important furniture pieces all in black, and we love seeing him define collections or make vignettes pop by having only all white vases, art, furniture and more!

You can see more of his inspiring spaces here. Love what you see in this post but want more? Like fun perfect pairs, designer influence profiles and profiles of contemporary designers? Thank goodness for you we've got a Facebook page and tweet a lot; you can keep up with everything Swank Lighting does.

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