Friday, March 11, 2011

Jan Showers, Our Dorothy Draper

Everyone in the design industry knows the name Jan Showers. Jan is famous mostly because of her incredible interior design business. In Dallas Jan is also known for her generosity, creativity, philanthropy, and great personality. Jan's showroom is directly across the street from ours on Slocum Street in the design district of Dallas. So we have the pleasure of walking through her beautifully appointed store anytime we want.

Many also know Jan for her incredibly beautiful line of exclusive home furnishings. According to Mrs. Showers, each piece in her collection is "something she would want in her own home". If you own the book... you know how beautiful her home is.

Today Jan Showers released the Westweek Lookbook for the new pieces to her collection for 2011. If you are attending Westweek in Los Angeles you can see them in person or soon in all of the David Sutherland Showrooms around the country. David Sutherland is the representative for the Jan Showers Collection as well as many other wonderful lines in the high end furnishings market.

Jan is without a doubt one of the very best designers in America now. In fact, I dare say she is the Dorothy Draper of the 21st. Century.

Attached are a few of our favorite pieces from the 2011 collection.



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