Monday, March 14, 2011

The Mid-Century Modern Interiors of Frank Roop

Oh good lord Frank Roop knows how to design a room. Based out of Boston, this guy looks more like he's time-traveled directly from 1960s New York and Don Draper is his best friend. If you're ever on the lookout for hot, vintage, and styling Mid-Century Modern inspiration, Frank Roop's got it in spades.

Designing since 1998, you can really see all the years of experience Frank has when he's designing his interiors. His rooms are clean, graceful, elegant-all those characteristics you dream that Mid-Century Modern adults had in those days. His color palettes are simultaneously unexpected and familiar, his choice of accessories superb, and he incorporates plenty of contemporary furnishings that complement beautifully the vintage styles he's known for using.  

From his website: "He believes in creating original environments that are ‘couture'. To achieve this it is essential that the ingredients that go into his projects are unique; almost all of the furniture and furnishings he uses are either antique or of his own exclusive design. He travels extensively within the U.S. and overseas to find antique and vintage furnishings specifically for his clients. It is very important to him that his client's home reflects their personality and how they want to live while being sophisticated in taste. Frank feels anyone can develop their own sense of style with a little help. It is his goal to create environments that stir his client's senses and are something that he is proud of."

Well known in the Boston area since he began designing, he's been getting plenty of attention internationally and in the States, his work having been spotted in such shelter publications as: Elle D├ęcor, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home, Veranda, Traditional Home and even Gourmet Magazine. See more of his amazing work here

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