Monday, March 7, 2011

The Stylish and Bold Designs of Anne Coyle

 First order of business today...a very happy birthday to Swank owner and style genius Ed! It's a pleasure to write for you guys! And now for Ed's present-blog readers get to enjoy it, too! It's a designer known for her fabulously luxurious interiors and heavy borrowing from one of our favorite styles here at Swank Lighting: Hollywood Regency!

Anne Coyle, a Chicago-based interior designer, sure knows how to infuse spaces with just the right about of drama and interest. These are full-bodied, sophisticated spaces with lots of details, accessories, furnishings, patterns, textiles and more. You're not getting bored in an interior designed by Anne Coyle.  

As mentioned, she leans heavily on a style of design we are big fans of, Hollywood Regency. The hallmarks of this favorite retro design style show up in abundance in her rooms, like lacquered wood pieces, strong animal prints, mirrors and mirrored objects, bamboo motifs, Asian-inspired d├ęcor and more. 

The great thing about Anne's interiors is she doesn't just look to Hollywood Regency or any one style for inspiration; she combines looks from today and yesterday to create one-of-a-kind spaces that no doubt delight her clients (who must be interesting and exciting people to have hired her).  

Unlike some designers who seem to excel at one thing in particular, Anne's great across the board; she's got a great grasp of color palettes, mixing styles, incorporating patterns and balancing it all out. See more for yourself here

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Karena said...

Absolutely fabulous design work by Anne!! Love her style.

Happy Birthday to Ed!! Have a great day!

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