Friday, March 25, 2011

The Subtle and Sophisticated Look of Antony Todd

While we love flamboyant and bold and exciting interiors, sometimes we are in the mood for a more understated, subtle, luxurious look. Well, seek and you shall find: the interiors of Antony Todd are sophisticated, cool and gorgeous.

Spotted first on that fabulous website 1stdibs, his interior design style is very striking. There's certainly a mixing and mingling of styles, but not in a bohemian, eclectic or cluttered way. His interiors are very clean, soft and sensuous, but they're also very classical, with lots of traditional elements spotted. 

Color palettes tend to be overwhelmingly subdued and neutral, but with hints of color and pattern. These spaces aren't boring; they're just very carefully curated and melded. Personalities are distinct, and homes tie together nicely thematically. 

Taken from his website: "In all his creations, Antony Todd aims for timeless sophistication. Trained as a costume and set designer, his interiors possess an exquisite understanding of scale and spatial flow in which three aesthetic strands are interwoven. His pared down European sensibility puts a fresh spin on residential and hospitality design. An affinity for classic forms, whether antique or modern, creates a spontaneous dialogue between furnishings, objects and art from different eras and origins." 

"A passionate traveler, his taste spans cultures and continents, infusing his interiors with global style. Since antique furniture often lacks comfort or functions well in modern terms, Antony Todd also refurbishes and designs his own sofas, chairs, tables and lamps. His designs are characterized by clean lines, excellent craftsmanship and harmonious proportions. The final result is a lasting, beautiful living environment that reflects each client's individual taste and personal style." 

See more gorgeous photos on his website. Love what you see in this post but want more? Like fun perfect pairs, designer influence profiles and profiles of contemporary designers? Thank goodness for you we've got a Facebook page and tweet a lot; you can keep up with everything Swank Lighting does.   

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