Monday, March 21, 2011

The Tailored and Warmly Modern Designs of Kenneth Brown

We've a personal connection with today's featured Contemporary Interior Designer; he hails from the same alma mater as this blog post writer-Louisiana State University. Kenneth Brown has come along way from Louisiana, and has gone on to lead an exciting design career in Los Angeles where he remains an inspiring interior designer!

Though Kenneth's long career is proof he's got the ability to design in just about any style that a client could need, he's built his success on excelling at two styles he pioneered and is darn good at: tailored transitional and warm modern. 

Tailored transitional is a highly accessible style that can be adapted for many personalities. Consisting of an eclectic mix of interior furnishings and a very clean, open and fresh look, we love a lot of what we saw. 

From his website: "By combining a look of traditional elements with an updated palette, Kenneth's Tailored Transitional style reflects the need for calming interiors in today's world. He achieves this look using clean tailored lines, less pattern, organic textures and simplified accessories. The ultimate goal is creating interiors that are inviting, comfortable and peaceful." 

Warm modern is what it sounds like, and we think his website describes Kenneth's approach to modern design best: "While many modern spaces appear cold, Kenneth designs his Modern interiors with a warm color palette of exotic woods, rich textures and a simplified furniture arrangement. These elements work together to add warmth to a modern space making it feel welcoming. His Warm Modern aesthetic works especially well in homes with a strong sense of architecture." 

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