Friday, April 1, 2011

The Royally Sumptuous Style of Kenneth Bordewick!

If the name Kenneth Bordewick sounds familiar to you but you don't know why, it's because it's a name that just a few days ago had been kicked around as being chosen as the official designer of Kate and Price William's married abode. Subsequent reports have since proven this rumor to be just that--a rumor--but we've thanked the gossip gods because it's put Kenneth on our radar.

Kenneth Bordewick's sumptuous and unbelievably swanky interiors will have you wishing you're marrying into royalty, too. Though these interiors are a bit out of the reach for many of our budgets, you can still gain some inspiration from his many details. And hey, sometimes it's just fun to drool over gorgeous interiors (even if most of us won't get to live in quite anything as large!). 

Kenneth is obviously a master at details. Sure, a huge designing budget makes him unique as a designer, but it's also his ability to personalize nearly every single element that clearly sets him apart as a designer. This guy understands that clients of this stature and rank want one-of-a-kind. They want interiors that match their personalities, of course, but they also want rooms that are so good-looking no one else will ever have one like it. Kenneth knows how to deliver in this regard. 

His attention to details is reflected in his "about us" statement on his website: "A concept of elegance between Mid-Century Modern, Empire and Neo-Classic. Stile pilots. The choice of making the design of the silhouette even more contemporary, dynamic, essential. A statement. A Uniform, an immediately perceptible way of being. Reflecting language based on subtle monochrome shadings of light and dark." 

"Clear forms, unmistakably defined structures. Sofas brush stroked on to the architecture, with squared legs and tapered arms. Full sheers with curled fibers at the hemline. Opposite effect Egyptian cotton with diagonal or zig zag jacquard stripes in bronzes and silver. The sumptuous sheen of silk, the highlights of aesthetic design. Clinging or flowing. Heavy or Ultra-light fabrics. Matte to glossy shadings. Sophisticated touches of luxury." 

See more gorgeous photos on his website. Love what you see in this post but want more? Like fun perfect pairs, designer influence profiles and profiles of contemporary designers? Thank goodness for you we've got a Facebook page and tweet a lot; you can keep up with everything Swank Lighting does.    

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