Friday, May 6, 2011

Designer Profile: Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry is a designer who believes in the importance of simplicity in design. A look through her portfolio confirms this belief, as Barry's designs often feature calm, cool, pastel colors, with simple lines and dark-finished woods. In a world that is often cluttered and over-complicated, Barbara Barry's designs leave that clutter behind, and are clean, simple, and refreshing.
Rooms filled with clean lines and lots of white can often feel cold and sparse, like a snowy winter landscape. Instead, Barbara Barry's rooms just seem like a place you'd want to go to spend time in to relax, with pastel shades breaking up the white and making the spaces quite visually pleasing.
As stated on her website, Barbara Barry "grew up valuing simplicity and appreciating small details", something that's quite clear from a look at her rooms. She features a lot of small details, such as pillows with a delicate embroidered border, along with calm, cool, and refreshing colors and shapes that always feel simple and relaxing, like a place to get away from the clutter of daily life.
Barry takes much inspiration from her mother, who is an artist. On her website, she says that her mother "raised me to believe in myself, teaching me through example that style has nothing to do with money and everything to do with how you feel about yourself." She is inspired by "the things that exist freely in our daily lives: the quality of light, the colors of nature and the harmony in perfect proportion", and "want[s] to help others see beauty in all areas of their lives."
You can see more photos of Barbara Barry's designs on her website Barbara Barry, where you can also read more about her and look at her products.

Molly Hudelson

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