Monday, May 9, 2011

Designer Profile: Nina Campbell

The well-known British designer Nina Campbell describes her style as "voluptuous minimalism." The "minimalistic" side of her designs is inspired by her upbringing: Campbell grew up in post-war England, and is no stranger to economic and financial troubles. Nina Campbell manages to combine that sense of minimalism, inspired by her upbringing, with a flair for visual wit.
Nina Campbell's designs often combine bright, jewel-toned colors, like reds, purples, and teals, with big, bold patterns, such as flowers and stripes. However, her rooms are far from "busy" or visually cluttered. Instead, they seem warm and inviting, and playful, yet luxurious.
In addition to designing rooms, Nina Campbell has also designed a variety of products for the home. On her website, she currently has accessories for the bathroom, office, laundry room, and bedroom; table top accessories, such as china, glassware, and cutlery; blankets; candles and other home fragrances; fabric; and wallpaper. Nina Campbell has been collaborating with Osborne and Little for her wallpaper brand for over twenty years, and as said on her website, has a continuously evolving color palette, always adding new colors while keeping some old ones, "so that new and older collections can be put together."
Campbell's designs are influenced by nature (such as flowers and plant life), and often feature bright colors, but combining these with simple, bold shapes leads to the "voluptuous minimalism" and "luxury, practicality and a sense of wit" that she is known for. She originally began "a shop selling home treasures from all over the world", but now Nina Campbell uses her website to sell all of her accessories, since she believes that "A home only becomes a home when you begin to accessorize." Check out Nina Campbell's website for more photos of her designs and products.

Molly Hudelson

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