Sunday, May 22, 2011

Featured Designer; Vincent Wolf

If there is one key feature that dominates the work (both residential and commercial) of designer Vicente Wolf, it is light. Perhaps this is inspired by the fact that his firm, Vicente Wolf Associates, is based in a "spacious light-filled loft in New York City," so he sees this light every day. Light makes Vicente Wolf's rooms feel open and spacious.
Vicente Wolf uses a lot of white in his rooms, and does not often use patterns or bright colors. This leads to a feeling of simplicity without the spaces looking bare: in one room, the clean lines of bright white chairs nicely complement a hearty wooden table and brick floor. His designs feel relaxed, like they might belong in a beach or vacation home, yet still luxurious and upscale. It's a very American feeling, which is also visible in his other creative outlets: photography, art collection, and global travel.
Having over thirty years of design experience, Vicente Wolf is experienced and a prominent name in the design world. In addition to the United States, he has designed rooms in homes, hotels, restaurants, and more in various countries abroad, such as France, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden. Wolf has also lectured in South Africa, Japan, and Australia, and "teaches an annual course through Parsons School of Design in the Dominican Republic." In addition to designing and lecturing, he has also published books and is a "lauded retailer and celebrated business partner."
Currently, Vicente Wolf runs two companies: VW Home by Vicente Wolf, a "luxury showroom" that displays Wolf's own collections of handpicked articles from around the world, in addition to his furniture line, which is specifically designed for the showroom; and Vicente Wolf Associates, his design firm. He has an "eye for detail [that] has created a reputation for quality appreciated by his discerning client list, the creative industry as a whole, and his international partnerships with some of the world’s top luxury brands."
You can see more photos of Vicente Wolf's designs on his website (, where you can also read more about him and his companies.

Molly Hudelson

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